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FIFA Rage about Gameplay AI

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Post on 2016-7-19 10:14:28 | All posts |Read mode
I guess this is another FIFA rage but I've been playing a Newcastle Career on World Class, and there are some aspects that really piss me off in the game play. I'm writing this right after another rage moment. Is FIFA scripted? Every time I go 1-0 up, I concede almost immediately. Welcome to our site for more information, and you can buy fifa 17 coins here too.

Somehow, whoever I am playing do some magical passing play and go through on goal. Annoyingly, I can never choose the correct player to defend with and when I do, it's too late. The passing is ridiculous, like I forgot West Brom passed like bloody Barcelona.

Next, my shooting always seems to go straight into the goalie's hands. And then, somehow the opponents shooting is perfect. Next, the AI always knows where I'm going to go, and they intercept every through ball. And on the topic of through balls, I always have a guy making a run, and I press triangle, aim the joy stick at them, but stupidly, the player passes a shitty through ball to the wrong player and it gets intercepted.

My passing seems to be so shit. Lastly, to end my rage, the AI's tackled seem to be amazing. Only rarely do they foul. About 90% of the time they get the ball, even when I do skill moves. Not to be cocky, but I'm a decent FIFA player. I'm currently 4th with Newcastle, 7 points from 1st. I love FIFA but small things like AI ridiculousness kills me.


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