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[Software] Perfect Basic Android Homescreen Replacements For iFans

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Post on 2014-12-19 10:27:23 | All posts |Read mode
Homescreen launcher replacements generally focus on advanced users, folks who want to customize their phones past the limitations imposed on them out of the box. But what about the folks who find the default launchers too intimidating?
There's one Android launcher replacements made just for you iFans who need it.

Wiser (Free)
What does nearly everyone who owns a smartphone expect to do at some point? Why, the same things they did with their dumbphones! People need to place calls, save contacts, and send text messages. We’ve also been conditioned to turn to our phones as main cameras, so we should be able to quickly take a picture and view our previous shots. All other functionality can be separated from what we consider core features and labeled as apps.
That’s the approach Wiser takes, at least. This homescreen replacement for Android changes your phone to look like something simpler, all without stripping it of the capabilities it came with out of the box.

Expected features are easy to find, buttons are easy to press, and the overall interface is gentler on the eyes. It’s easy to add favorites to any of the available homescreens, and arrows at the bottom point users in the direction they need to go. Notifications get their own screen, so that no one needs to poke at the tiny row of pixels at the top of the phone to see what’s going on.


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