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reporters that Will would

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following the rules Parade Magazine named Will its player of the year, and invited him to a banquet in New York City that would be hosted by Pro Football Hall Fame lineman Anthony Mu?oz. Afterward, Will, Nash and their father were walking through Times Square when they noticed a pack of girls dashing right for them. For a moment, Chad thought they were coming for an autograph from the son who had just been honored as the best high school football player in the country. "It was surreal, the things that were happening," Chad said. "Sometimes you go: Is this real? Is this really happening?" How real Linus Ullmark Womens Jersey it was had hit Nash a couple weeks earlier when he had gone to Iceland with his grandmother to promote a new app. He posted a Vine that he would be at a mall in Reykjavik later that afternoon. When he arrived, there were several thousand teenage fans already waiting. "It ended up getting crazy," said Nash, who got separated from his grandma in the crowds. "We had to basically evacuate the place, we didn't really Linus Ullmark Womens Jersey get to talk to anybody. We showed up and it was chaos." As prolific as Will was as a quarterback, he said Hayes was the "most Linus Ullmark Youth jersey naturally gifted athlete" in the family. But Hayes gave up sports to join Nash on the "Magcon" meet-and-greet tours, where his own celebrity surged. He currently plays Noodle Nelson on the Hulu TV show "Freakish." Last year, he released a novel, "Hollywood Days With Hayes." "Nash was doing all this stuff like traveling," Hayes said. "I was getting in his videos a little bit. ... And I loved doing that, because it was so cool to me. I was like, maybe I can take this social media thing to the next level." While the careers of Nash and Hayes were exploding on the internet, so too was Will's on the gridiron. As redshirt freshman with the Gators, he went 5-0 as a starter, culminating with a dramatic comeback against Tennessee in which he threw two touchdowns in the game's final four minutes. Two weeks later, he was summoned to coach Jim McElwain's office. Soon, Will's career at Florida would effectively be finishedWill Muschamp had recruited Will to Florida, but Muschamp had been fired after Will's first year, and replaced with McElwain. Unaware anything might be wrong, Will assumed McElwain just wanted to chat with his quarterback. Instead, Will was told he had tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance found in an over-the-counter supplement. The penalty of the offense carried a one-year suspension. "I was blindsided," Will said. "I had no idea I was doing anything wrong." When Will first showed up at Florida, he weighed 188 pounds. He wasn't crazy about the Gatorade-based protein drinks offered at the stadium, because of their sugar and carbohydrates. Knowing he'd need to gain weight to withstand the pounding of the SEC, he visited a nutrition store in Gainesville in search of protein powder. Will says he checked online to make sure what he bought wasn't banned by the NCAA, but he never double-checked with Florida's training staff. "I'm by the book, I follow the rules, I thought I was following the rules," he said. "But I was young, I was careless with it." McElwain told reporters that Will would be allowed to continue practicing with the team, then, according to Will, told him to take some time at Linus Ullmark Womens Jersey home North Carolina. Upon returning to Gainesville, Will didn't feel welcomed

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