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- Spring Festival. The New Year has come, an

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- Spring Festival. The New Year has come, and the past has flown away like a wind, welcoming the beginning of a new year.year, new weather. Going out of the house Cigarette Online, every household has a lot of lights; on the street, everywhere, they are full of joy and laughter. The breath of spring reflects the joy ofthese few days: In the morning, people are usually watching TV and playing computer. Only a few people are writing homework. In the afternoon, many people played in Chen Yi Square Marlboro Red. I also went. I went to fly a kite. First of all, I put the kite on the ground, and when the wind blows, I start to run... However, I have tried many times without success. There are carousels, small trains, getting on and off the plane, pirate ships and swivel chairs in Chen Yi Square. My brother and I have played a lot and it is fun. At night, everyone came out to put out fireworks, and my sister and I were no exception. We played the color-changing fireworks first. Its appearance is the intersection of red and green. After it is lit, it starts to be red, and slowly turns green. It is fun! We also played a lot of fireworks Marlboro Red 100S. Among them, there is a kind of fireworks called "Auspicious Colorful Rain". When it is lit, there will be a lot of "rain" flying to the sky. Once, I glued two "Auspicious Colorful Rains" together and ignited them.oking at the fireworks all over the sky Newport Cigarettes Price, listening to the sound of firecrackers everywhere, this Spring Festival is really lively!arch 8th Women's Day is here. In order to celebrate my mother's holiday, I have to do something for my mother.are you doing? I can't think of it for a while. So ask my mother: "Mom, what can I do for you?" Mom said with a smile: "You feed me to eat!" I thought, my mother wanted me to experience the feeling of being a mother.unch time is up, I have a rice cake in front of my mother. I said, "Mom, I will feed you this meal." Mom really sat still without moving chopsticks. I clipped the rice cake in my bowl and let my mother open her mouth, but my mother didn't eat it, saying that she would like to clip her bowl. I put a rice cake in my mother's bowl and put it in her mouth. My mother was eating very slowly. I was a little annoyed in my heart. Later, my mother didn't have the patience, and I ate it myself. My plan A is so ruined. In the evening, my mother sat on the sofa and sighed and said, "It��s so tired!" I thought about it, and I remembered my plan B. I still massaged my mother for a moment. I will do this thing! I said to my mother, "Mom, I will help you back!" Mom said happily: "Okay!" I walked behind my mother, holding two small fists and knocking like a drum. Mom quickly said: "Too heavy, too heavy!" So I gently knocked, but my mother said too light. I added a little more strength, and my mother nodded and said, "This is very comfortable." In this way, I knocked for a long time, and my hands were a little tired. I changed another action and massaged my mother. My mother said that my strength is quite big. After a while, my mother said, "Thank you, son!" I was so happy. I think: I will not let my mother feed the food in the future Marlboro Lights, I want to eat faster, because it is too tired to feed others, too annoying.
to help my mother do something to make my mother happy.

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