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long time ago, human footprints ap

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long time ago, human footprints appeared on the vast land. In constant exploration and research, people learn how to survive and have villages. People work in the sun, live in the sunset, live a happy life.e day, however, something that was terrible for people happened. This incident broke the quiet of people's lives and made people panic Wholesale Cigarettes. Things happened in the afternoon, when people were working. Suddenly, the world is darkening. People looked up curiously - ah! People were scared - there was a black hole in the sun. People panicked and gathered together to discuss what to do. After a while, the whole world was darkened, without a trace of light. The crowd on the ground is otionrtunately, this dark day did not last long and the sun came out again Newport Cigarettes Website. People breathed a sigh of relief, but they were worried about what would happen if the sun disappeared and it was no longer coming when people were anxious to turn around, one person in the crowd made a suggestion: "It is better to let me catch up with the sun and then fix it in the sky, so don't you worry?"ple follow the sound, and the person who makes this suggestion is the Kuafu--he is the strongest person in the giant tribe. People couldn't think of other good ways, so they agreed - let Kuafu go to the sun. next day, when the first silk glimmered through the dawn sky, Kuafu set off. He ran fast and forgot everything. Seeing in front of Kuafu is the highest mountain in the world - the peak of Alibaba (now called Mount Everest). Kuafu is a giant after all, and Everest is a relatively high hillside for him. The problem is not that it is high, but that the mountain is very steep, like a sharp edge, and the mountains stretch, and it is impossible to go around. Seeing the sun went far away. Kuafu bit his teeth and began to climb hard Cheap Cigarettes. After repeated attempts, Kuafu has been bruised and bruised. No - Kuafu shouted in his heart. He finally worked hard all over the body - finally climbed up. Kuafu was very excited, but accidentally rolled down from the top of the mountain. Oh! It��s really bad to fall! Kuafu patted the leopard clothing and continued to move forward.e twinkling of an eye, there are new problems - this is the sea, ah, the sea (now the Pacific Ocean). This vast ocean blocked the path of Kuafu, and the sharks and embers on the sea and the sea monsters were screaming. Kuafu looked up at the sun, and the sun was drifting away, like a winner who was laughing at the loser.on't admit defeat!" Kuafu shouted. After the words, he lifted his foot and entered the sea. Sharks, eDonkeys and sea monsters immediately rushed to the side of Kuafu at lightning speed Cigarettes For Sale. Kuafu ran fast as he slammed the "obstacle" around him. shark was vomited at the mouth of the shark Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, and even the cockroaches disappeared. From then on, the shark would have to swim constantly and could not stop for a moment. As for the eDonkey and the sea monster, the eDonkey was pulled into a strip by the anger. The sea monster was pressed into a flat patties by a palm. It has become what we see now. When Kuafu went to the deepest place, the sea almost drowned the head of Kuafu. But Kuafu is still quite down.

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