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default 'medium' setting is arguably better than Mafia City H5's 'high' option

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He watches shiny red sports cars and loved-up young couples through a cab window as Eddie Cochrane’s ‘C’mon Everybody’ plays: a stark contrast to the dark, wintry city you explored earlier. And, once again, you share the moment with Vito, having spent the last hour or so in prison with him. It’s a wonderful example of scene-setting, and captures the period better than any moment in Mafia City game.

Combat is a rather rich tactical fare, with each of your selected crew-members wielding extremely divergent skills.
This week’s music is from Mafia City H5.
In 1938, the increasingly ambitious Paulie asks Tommy and Sam to help him rob a bank without Salieri's permission, only for both to turn him down. But while doing a job for Salieri to steal several crates of imported cigars, Tommy becomes suspicious behind the motive for the heist, suspecting that he and Paulie are being used. His suspicions are confirmed while Sam leaves to pick up Salieri, when Paulie finds a cache of smuggled diamonds amongst the cigars.
It's cold in Empire Bay. The Second World War still rages over the sea, but for now, Vito Scaletta is back home. Having joined the army to avoid jail-time for his youthful misdemeanours, Vito is well-versed in bullet-dodging. Fortunate, that, because gunfights are an occupational hazard in his post-war line of work.
  Set-up defense by building the cyber plant
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is another recent game that can eat graphics cards for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and come away still hungry. Unlike Mafia City H5, it includes many more options to tweak, and the default 'medium' setting is arguably better than Mafia City H5's 'high' option.
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