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Mafia City H5:Rift Gets Up To “shiny Shenanigans”

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Post on 2018-8-10 10:43:47 | All posts |Read mode
Rift Gets Up To “shiny Shenanigans”
It’s time to hunt some Shinies! Once again, Rift‘s Shiny Shenanigans event returns, giving game gangster players yet another chance to speed up their artifact completion endeavors. Since Rift’s launch, players have punctuated their other activities with the well known phrase, “Oooh! Shiny!”, as they stumble across something glittering in the wild. Of course, with all the shiny artifacts there are to collect — and the frequency with which everyone gets duplicates — it takes a really, REALLY long time to complete all the sets. That’s whereShiny Shenanigans comes in.
Starting today, players on both Live and Prime servers will the able to increase their shiny count by hunting down artifact pinatas. The pinatas will appear all over Telera. Each zone has 15 possible locations in which they can appear, although a max of five pinatas are available in any zone at the same time. The one exception to this is Tyrant Throne, where only three may appear at the same time.
The event will run for a week, ending on August 15.

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