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How to use your Garmin Nuvi GPS ?

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Post on 2018-10-23 14:36:32 | All posts |Read mode
In most of the developed/developing countries there is a lack of proper navigation i.e. GPS system, if you are visiting a new place for the first time you would have no idea where to go and where would you be finding your proper destination,
In that situation, you most probably might get lost and wander the streets people will guide you and you will be in a state of confusion that where to go.

In a situation like that the GARMIN’S NUVI GPS comes in handy, it’s your guide without a guide.

Just open it up and look for your exact destination where you want to go, it is easy, it is fast, it is reliable Garmin GPS keeps Your troubles away, Getting Lost is a thing of Past Garmin GPS is Your guide in need.

The following tips are common for commonly used Garmin Nuvi GPS Devices, for latest Garmin Nuvi device be sure to check the user manual for further assistance, The Highlighted tips may be different for specific Garmin device. Like enabling and disabling maps or how to do the search on a different Garmin Nuvi Device.

Interacting with Garmin Map Update is very easy on the map you can look for following locations and choose your destination accordingly.
The city you are in.
Point of interest (POI’s).
Latitude and longitude of your location.
The waypoints that you have saved.
Places near to you.
Road interactions

How to Start
Most of the method you can figure out by simply experimenting with the Garmin Device
Keep in mind that these tips are for only the most common Garmin Nuvi models.

Prior navigating to desired location you must follow the instructions below:
On the main Screen of you GPS:

Select ‘Tools’ navigate to ‘Settings’ select ‘Map go to ‘Map Info’

Here You Will See the list of maps which are currently installed on your device. which includes your new maps that you might have purchased, uncheck the maps and select the one that you would like to view.

Using Zoom in and Zoom out functions
Use the’+’ and ‘-’ buttons to ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT simultaneously. If you want to see detailed map ZOOM IN. for viewing larger Area ZOOM OUT. You may not be able to see the road’s if you zoom out too much, you can zoom in to fix that by simply pressing ‘+’ button.

After using the method above your GPS will automatically search for the nearby destinations, Garmin GPS Automatically detects the location near you. For viewing the location in a country where you are planning to visit and just want to look for the routes, you should follow these steps

From the main Screen "Where To?"
You will See a button that says “Near…" Touch that button.
Now you will get different Choices from which you need to select choose "A Different City". Then tap “OK".
Now you will see the page where you can type in the name of the city in the country you choose. Choose and press "Done" after you have finished typing in the city name.
Now you get the list of cities, select the city you searched for.
Now there Would be multiple icons, select the one which suits you best “Points of Interest”.
Now you can select the one which you want. For example, if you want to find hotels select "Lodging," restaurants choose "Food," gas stations, choose "Fuel," etc. You can also choose "spell name" and type in the name of the POI you want to visit /see.
After making your selection you will see a list of hotels, gas stations, or restaurants, etc. relating to whichever category you choose.

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