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How To Fix Full Memory Error In Garmin GPS?

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Garmin GPS device provides users information of the route bytheir route navigation facility while they are on the road. By the help ofthis, commuters can get exact information which is provided by the GPS, As GPSreceives current route details direct from the satellites. The best thing isthat all the route information also saved for future use. Sometime users mayface tech problems when they are using Garmin GPS. Memory Full Error in GarminGPS is one of the major ones in them. But no worry this error can be addressedby performing the simple troubleshooting procedure.
You can fix the ‘Memory Full Error Garmin GPS’ by resettingthe device or deleting the route data from the device are the two simple stepswhich user can perform. Resetting the device helps you to restore your deviceto the default settings; the device will be empty after that. Read this wholearticle to get know the procedure how to remove ‘Memory Full Error in GarminGPS’.
Here’s what you need to do:
Delete Archive Files – For Windows:
·        The first thing you have to do is to connectyour device to your system.
·        For connecting your device to the system, yousurely require Garmin Express.
·        This is a link from that you can download andinstall GarminExpress by visiting:
·        Open Garmin GPS folder when your device has beenconnected to the system.
·        In C drive of your computer, you will findGarmin GPS folder.
·        When you opened the Garmin folder double-clickon it to open GPX folder.
·        Then look for Archive folder and open it.
·        Then, after selecting the whole content, rightclick on it and choose ‘Delete’ option from the list.
·        Wait for a moment until the files will bedeleted. Check for the error message after that.
Delete Archive Files – For Mac:–
Connect your device to the system if Garmin express hasalready installed on your system.
·        After that, open Garmin Drive and open GPXfolder.
·        In GPX folder you can see the Archive folder,please open it.
·        After opening the archive folder remove theentire content and then empty Trash also.
·        When you successfully deleted the archive filesfrom the Garmin, your ‘Memory Full Error Garmin GPS’ will be eliminated. If theissue still same, you have to perform another method. You can do the Hard Resetto eliminate the error.
Steps to do Hard Reset:
·        Please ensure that your device is directly wellconnected to the wall socket.
·        Then press the Power button to turn it OFF andwait for some seconds.
·        After that, press the Power button to turn onthe device.
·        When the device is turning on, press the bottomwhich is shown at the right corner of the screen.
·        Now you will see a pop-up on the screen to hardreset.
·        Press ‘Yes’ or ‘confirm’ to move forward andwait till the process gets completed.
For further inquiry, you may speak to GARMIN GPS SUPPORTUSA: +1-844-313-6006.


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