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Office 365 Backup – A Cloud Based Solution

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If you want to expand your business withouthaving to pay for an additional server, Office 365 is the solution. Office 365helps you to stay ahead of your competitors by being better and faster. Office365 brings numerous benefits to an enterprise. It is easy to use and providesaccess to emails and documents from anywhere around the globe. With Office 365,it becomes easier and quicker to respond back to customers, but that’s just thestart of benefits that it offers. Here are three major benefits that you willget with migration to Office 365.

1.       Improved Security

Office 365 Backup caters to securityrequirements of an enterprise by offering excellent security features. With office365 backup, you can avoid issues such as editing and document sharing. Office365 also offers users with a password policy which is robust in terms of lengthand complexity.
Cost Effective

Office 365Backup allows users to avoid hardware andsoftware expenses which come with any technological upgradation in anenterprise. Such enterprises are having a hard time maintaining suchupgradations in terms of expenses. Hardware purchased today becomes obsolete tomorrow.Therefore, keeping pace with hardware changes and upgradation is economicallychallenging. Office 365 enables users to mitigate such expenditures bymigrating towards monthly rental charges that comes with it. Moving towards acloud based solution helps enterprises to incur low cost along with making hugesavings.Once you own the license, you can use the softwareon as many platforms as you want.

3.       Compatibility

Office 365 is compatible with all platformssuch as iOS, Mac, PC and Android. One can download Office 365 on variousdevices including your smartphone. This adds the benefit of not beingconstricted to just your PC but you can work from anywhere. The information canbe accessed from anywhere, anytime.

There are few cons of Office 365but those areminimal and will hardly affect an enterprise in a large way. Firstly, Office 365 Backup being a cloud basedplatform poses a threat to security. However, the parent companies invest a lotto build robust security systems. Secondly, there are few issues with thecustomization as there is little that you can change about the software. Third,whenever you want to download the newer version of the software, you need tobuy the package again along with the licenses. This is just the price that youpay to use great software.
However, Office 365 is a tremendousplatform which has been constantly improving the proficiency of an enterprise.Being a cloud based platform, there has been a shift in how an enterprisespends on its hardware and software tools. Most importantly, Office 365 iscompatible with all platforms making it highly useful when it comes to stickingto deadlines. One does not remain confined to just the office space for work butcan operate from anywhere. Office 365Backup is a new innovative solution for any enterprise that helps them inincreasing their productivity in today’s fast paced commercial world.


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