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photos of Huairou Distric

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About 20 Ziggy Ansah Jersey ,000 people staged a march through Mexico's capital Sunday demanding respect for their country and its migrants in the face of perceived hostility from the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Many marchers carried Mexican flags and dressed in white as a sign of unity and to signal the non-political nature of the march. One of the banners read: "Gracias, Trump, for unifying Mexico!"

The marchers protested Trump's plans for a border wall and increased deportations of migrants. Trump has also pressured U.S. corporations to provide jobs in the United States, not Mexico.

Paulina Ortega carried a placard in English proclaiming: "We love Americans, we hate racism."

"This is a march for dignity," she said.

Irene Aguilar, a university professor, said the main message of the marchers was to show the unity of Mexicans in the face of adversity.

The march also featured many signs supporting Mexican migrants living in the United States.

"We want demonstrate to all of those who suffer discrimination in the United States that we are with them," said Ana Fernanda Islas, a university student.

Mexicans have called for unity in facing the challenge posed by Trump's policies, but the march featured almost as many banners criticizing Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto as the new U.S. leader.

Smaller marches were held in other Mexican cities Sunday.

ABOUT 500 mothers have called the Shanghai Children’s Hospital to offer breast milk after the hospital said its supplies could run out within a week, a hospital official told Shanghai Daily yesterday.

The city’s first “breast milk bank” was established at the hospital eight months ago for premature babies, for whom breast milk is vital.

The hospital said it has collected more than 470 liters of milk over the past eight months and serves an average 13 premature babies a day at 2-3 liters a day.

But the hospital now only has about 20 liters as the cold discourages volunteers from going to hospital to donate.

“Thanks to positive reactions from the mothers, we believe that the bank will be filled up again very soon,” said a doctor surnamed Pan who is responsible for taking calls from interested mothers.

Pan said first-time donors must undergo a blood test before donating. They can then express milk at home and freeze it. It is also possible to donate fresh at the hospital. Pan told Shanghai Daily that this bank also serves babies born at other hospitals, but so far there has only been one request.

“Parents of babies born in other hospitals have to come to us every day to get fresh milk, which could be a trouble for them,” she said. Interested mothers can call 18017329172 and talk to Doctor Pan.

Cyclists compete during the first stage of the international cycling race tour of Croatia 2017 in Ludbreg, north Croatia, April 18, 2017. (XinhuaVjeran Zganec Rogulja)

In pics: scenery of Baiyangdian in Xiongan New Area

In pics: tea garden in central China's Henan

Peach blossoms on terrace fields in Guyuan, NW China's Ningxia

Stewardesses for high-speed train take part in training program in Harbin

Aerial photos of Huairou District of Beijing

Aerial view of Medog highway in SW China's Tibet

Scenery of Hani terraced fields in SW China's Yunnan

Aerial view of farmland scenery in SW China's Yunnan

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