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Redmi Note 5 Pro - Amazing so far

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Last edited by itnithand on 2019-3-14 22:20
So I finally picked up the Redmi Note 5 Pro (4/64 GB, Black) after asking around on this forum, and I must say, I am loving the device so far.
It's such a huge performance boost over the devices utilizing the 625 SoC, and am amazed by how snappy it feels.
I have used various flagships, including the iPhone 8, Pixel 2, Mi Mix 2, OnePlus 5T etc. and this feels close, if not as good. No lags or stutters after applying the initial update. Everything's humming along very smoothly. And the battery life has been outstanding.
7 Hrs 45 mins with 25% juice still left, an hour ago. Charged it fully yesterday night, after installing all applications and theming it to my satisfaction.
I was a bit skeptical about picking up the Indian variant and considered importing the China/Global unit (for the better rear camera) but I must say, I am pleasantly surprised by the camera performance as well. It's no pixel, but for the price of admission, I'd say the images offered are fantastic. The extreme low-light shots are good enough to be used after a slight amount of quick editing on the fly.


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