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Google Android 8 Oreo review, features, advantages & disadvantages

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Android 8 Oreo supports Neighborhood Aware Networking (NAN) for Wi-Fi based on Wi-Fi Aware, Android 8 Oreo supports Bluetooth 5, wide color gamuts in apps, an API for auto-fillers, multiprocess and Google Browsing support for WebViews.
Advantages of Android 8 Oreo
The most awaited and amazing multitasking feature is now on the new Android Oreo, The Picture-in-Picture mode lets the user work on any app and at the same time run a video in any pinned area of the screen, This is the major functional change that you will see in Oreo, It makes multitasking on your device possible, the first words system automatically fill username & password.
Disadvantages of Android 8.0 Oreo version
Android 8.0 Oreo version is on beta stage, so, it is receiving complaints about update failures and many other issues regarding Bluetooth connectivity.
Android 8.0 Oreo version is currently in beta stage, so, it may contain bugs, Not every smartphone is getting the update, an Older device running on Android Lollipop and below will and cannot be upgraded to 8.0 oreo.
5G is the short form of the Fifth generation of wireless technology, there are new technology options that may become available on the 5G Network, more bandwidth means faster speed, The specifications of 5G are specified in 3GPP Rel, 15 and beyond,The specifications of 5G are specified in 3GPP Rel, 15 and beyond.
Due to improved 5G network architecture handoff is smooth and it does not have any effect on data transfer when the mobile user changes cells, 5G (Fifth generation of wireless technology) offers 10x throughput, 10x decrease in latency, 10x connection density, 3x spectrum efficiency, 100x traffic capacity and 100x network efficiency.
5G network offers greater speed (enough to download a movie in a few seconds), It presents greater capacity (1,000 times capacity of 4G), It will reduce Latency (stop delays), It presents high resolution and larger bandwidth, It will collect networks on one platform, It supports lower battery consumption, It can detect natural disasters, and simultaneous connections can work together.
Higher bandwidth can be used with the help of carrier aggregation feature, Antenna size is smaller at higher frequencies, This leads to using of massive MIMO concept to achieve higher data rates, Dynamic beamforming is employed to overcome path loss at higher frequencies, and simultaneous connections can work together.
Many old devices would not be competent to 5G technology, so, you have to replace with new one, and it is an expensive deal, You need the high cost to develop infrastructure, An increased in Bandwidth of 5G will mean less coverage.


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