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Can you approach MapleStory 2 together

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Last edited by Jhonmicky on 2019-8-3 23:54 Hello everyone,,
MapleStory was one of those games you sunk hours into because you had the opportunity to burn off and didn't really have the cash to spend on retail games or yearly fees for continuous MMORPGs. It had been an early example of the contemporary model back when subscriptions were the norm. The game was simple in extent; MapleStory functions as a 2D side-scrolling RPG with numerous courses, and MapleStory2 Mesos quests to get fighting increasingly powerful (and sometimes adorable ) enemies. Along with a simple art style and catchy soundtrack pulled it.

It's been 15 years since Maplestory first introduced in Korea, along with the sequel has formally launched in the West with the localized version of MapleStory 2--the match has been live in Korea since 2015. Nexon has accommodated its long-time MMORPG franchise using 3D gameplay and an economy. We could talk with Nexon America president Jungsoo Lee and reside games department director Hyun Joo Kim about the transition and what it is like to deliver the sequel westward. The interview has been edited for clarity and readability.

Can you approach MapleStory 2 together with the audience in mind, or was the approach to go this time around? I would not say we have a target market for MapleStory 2. Obviously, we're going to reach out to each of the old MapleStory lovers, but because [the] match continues to be significantly grown from all of this different content, a great deal of players really left. They feel like it's a MapleStory. Our approach has been'let us test the marketplace' to see what sort of players like the sport....


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