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FBI fingerprint background check for employment

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Biometric systems' performance does not depend on the quality of the acquired input samples, the quality can be improved by sensor design, by user interface design, or by standards compliance, The best fingerprint scanners are very expensive & might not fall in the budget, so, you can use high-end fingerprint scanners for registration and low-end fingerprint scanners for matching.
How to improve fingerprint recognition
You must adjust fingerprint matching Threshold based on your application, Always enroll more than one finger so that you have a backup finger if your employee gets a cut, It gives your employees more tools to clock in & out with.
For the best quality images, fingers should be placed such that a maximum area of the fingerprint is imaged, so the first knuckle of the finger is at the bottom of the platen & the fingertip is at the top, with the finger centered on the platen from left to right, you should place your finger squarely in the middle of the sensor & press firmly into the sensor, you can hold your fingerprint until you hear a beep.
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